What your book includes: 

  • Architectural Description of major buildings on the property
  • Original plat map
  • Historic maps of Missoula and aerial photos
  • Title history from original owner to current
  • List of previous owners and occupations or affiliations within Missoula
  • Important family members and acquaintances 
  • Major alterations and additions to the built environment
  • Major alterations and additions to the natural environment
  • Historic photographs of the building, the neighborhood, and Missoula
  • Contemporary professional quality photographs of the building, landscaping, and neighborhood 
  • Applicable historic documents such as marriage licenses, first deed, birth certificates 
  • An articulate written narrative tying everything together
  • A detailed, designed, and visually stimulating history of your building 

The Process:

Our Storied Past only uses *public records* while conducting an investigation. We begin by visiting the County Clerk & Recorders office, and completing a full title history, as well as unearthing historic plat maps and aerial photography. After finding names and families associated with the property, we complete an intensive genealogy search using local records and online search engines. From there, we visit the MT State Archives, the University of Montana Archives, and the Montana Memory Project, among other resources for associated documents and imagery. We then investigate any major alterations made to the property by visiting the County Tax Revenue office and searching historic Sanborn Maps. We finalize the process by conducting a photoshoot of the property, while inviting our in-house artist to come take sketches. Once all steps have been achieved, our team of professional writers compile a thorough narrative, weaving all aspects of the history together. The entirety is formatted and designed using Adobe Creative Suite, and sent to the publishers!