For you, for your mum, for your pops, for your main-squeeze, for your kiddo, for your bff. History is best shared. 

Base Rate - $500

Books average 15-20 pages. 

Please allow one to two months for completion. Times vary if out of the Western Montana region. 

We work closely with you, to build the perfect past for your place and your home.  Our Storied Past works to keep pages at a minimum including only the necessary and most intriguing information and images. Yet! Some properties are especially rich in history and stories. Should this be the case, we'll work with you on what YOU want in YOUR history past page 20. We encourage creative suggestions, ideas, or themes if you have an image in your mind of what you'd like your book to include and look like. For example, do you have a shoebox filled with historic photos or documents that you'd like included? Cool! We love that. Don't feel especially inspired? No problem. Our team of highly trained professionals can cover all aspects of the process, from research to writing to design to publishing. All we need is your address! 

Before we begin, we set up an informational in-person interview with the home/building owner. We view this as integral to learn about you, for you to learn about us and the process, and to take a physical gander at your building. 


Now, lets get started! Send us an inquiry listing your house address, and a good time to plan an informational interview. You can also call us at 360.223.2681, send us a snail-mail at 413 Oak Street, Missoula MT, 59801, or email us at 

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