House histories of the American West


Your house, your home, your history. Presenting: Our Storied Past. Our team researches the complete history of your house or building as it relates to your family, your neighborhood and the history of Missoula, Montana, and the American West. We conduct a full title history, architectural description, alterations over time, historic photography, and contemporary photography. We go above and beyond title companies and online genealogies. We produce a narrative. Our Storied Past investigates occupations of house owners, family trees, history of style & architecture, and compiles a thorough history of the building, the neighborhood, and how it interacts with our larger, shared history. We produce an articulate historical narrative of your home, from the day the land was platted, to the date your house was built, and publish a documentary book, hand crafted, researched, designed, written, and delivered to you by a team of fellow Missoula residents. As a group of local historians, we believe our history should be shared, and passed on to future generations. If you so choose, we'll print additional copies of your documentary book for free and will donate a copy to your choice of the Montana State Archives, Missoula Public Library, Missoula Historical Society, University of Montana, among a long list of others. Our Storied Past was created to expand upon our past, cultivate our shared heritage through documentary history, and improve upon our shared meaning, identity, and sense-of-place as western Americans.